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Winter Your Best Ski Day

When you think back over the years of ski seasons, there’s always one day every year (#bestskidayever) that stands above all others. Take a moment to reflect. We’re willing to guess that not everything running in this montage is totally ski related, but that it also involves great food, good company, and maybe even a little live music.

Of course, you’re definitely remembering that morning you scored first tracks on Gold Hill, the day you checked heli-skiing off your bucket list, and the night you soaked under the stars in the hot tub for longer than what seemed possible. We bet you’re also remembering a particular après-ski shift that may have stretched right into an incredible meal, maybe even at The National. You’ve eaten there, right?

Don’t worry! The chairs are still turning. The snow is still snowing. The sun is still shining. The mountains are still massive. The views are still incredible. The runs are still worth it. Oh, and The National is still taking reservations.

When you’re out there (not standing in lift lines), be sure to download the Telluride Ski Resort’s new app. You can now more easily explore the trail maps and gain access to the snow report in just a few clicks. Our favorite features: You can locate yourself on the trail map, share your location or see a friend’s location on the map, and even play your best-ski-day-ever tracks on the app.

Photo Source: Ryann Bonneau

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