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Dining & Nightlife Take-Out Tips

Right now, not everyone is comfortable dining out at restaurants. No problem! If cooking isn’t your forte — or you’d just prefer not to prepare a meal — here’s some of our favorite take-out options in Telluride.

The Butcher & The Baker

The Butcher & the Baker is quickly became a Telluride culinary highlight. Their bakery and cafe specializes in a delicious assortment of handcrafted, farm-fresh, locally-sourced, organic food. Of course, if you have a sweet tooth, you won’t be disappointed.

Ghost Town

Ghost Town has made a name for itself on the Telluride food and coffee scene because it’s more than just a coffee shop. It’s part cafe, part grocery, part art space, and part community hub. Almost everything on Ghost Town’s menu is made in-house, and anything not made in-house is carefully sourced, locally, whenever possible.

High Pie Pizzeria & Tap Room

High Pie Pizzeria & Tap Room is consistently crowded with locals and visitors alike. It has all your traditional pizzeria favorites, like pepperoni pizza (a.k.a. “Boarder Cross”) and chicken tenders (a.k.a. “Power Day), but their extensive menu offers more eclectic choices too, like Tuna Poke Nachos. Whatever you’re craving, you’re likely to find it here.

La Cocina de Luz

La Cocina de Luz has a prime location on Main Street where they offer up traditional Southwestern and Mexican recipes made with whole, real foods. This is the perfect spot for a burrito, enchilada, or tamale. Don’t forget to pair one of their popular juices with your meal, too.

Pescado Sushi

Pescado Sushi the only traditional Japanese sushi bar located in Telluride. From simple and approachable tuna and scallion rolls to more inspired chef creations, like ramen bowls or tempura, the menu has something tasty and fulfilling for everyone. The chef also offers authentic Indian night on Wednesdays, so if you’re craving exotic spices and more worldly recipes, be sure to stick around for mid-week take-out.


Siam is the former name of Thailand, and now refers to the central, historical center of the country. Here in Telluride, however, you’ll find traditionally prepared, authentic ingredients are used to create delicious and beautiful food. From the more well-known curries and noodles to the more sophisticated soups, check out their paired-down, online menu.

Smuggler Union Restaurant and Brewery

This joint is known as a true Telluride gem. With a comprehensive menu of fan favorites — including delicious, handmade burgers, and flavorful pastas not to be ignored — they’re the perfect spot when variety is necessary and deliciousness is required. You can even purchase frosty, adult beverages to-go, so don’t forget to tack them onto your order, too.


Telluride is known for their inventive drinks and shareable food, but they’re also known for flawless execution. Whether you crave thin slices of wagyu beef, or charred siu ribs paired with asian slaw, There… boasts powerful flavors that pack a punch — just like their talked-about cocktails. Pick-up both through their curbside to-go window while you’re here.

Regardless of which delectable take-away option you choose, ordering food is just one small gesture you can make to support the Telluride restaurant community while you’re here. After all, who wouldn’t want all these incredible options to continue?!

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