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Year-Round Work From Here

Planning a family vacation during the pandemic takes extra considerations. Although some people have the luxury of incredible outdoor spaces with majestic mountain views from their current safer-at-home location, most of us aren’t that lucky. So it’s not unreasonable to start thinking about a rental where you can successfully work — and maybe even homeschool the kids — that has enough space for everyone to relax for a while. After all, just because the coronavirus seems to be sticking around, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t safely enjoy life.

Working Remotely?

Sometimes a change of scenery can generate motivation. Just bring your laptop, set up a work space, and next thing you know, you’re more productive than you’ve ever been (just don’t forget your charger). Here’s our top picks for homes with great offices and work spaces:

  • Snow Pine: Stay focused in your separate office space, but then step onto the deck to grill dinner and dine outside.
  • Lorian Stone: Enjoy this office located right off the master suite, with views to boot.
  • Lorian Monument: The primary bedroom has extra office space, and a community pool to take a dip on your lunch break.
Social Distance in the Great Outdoors 

Every one of our properties offers great access to hikes, biking trails, and the Uncompahgre National Forest, but these homes also have amazing decks or outdoor spaces:

  • The C Forever Lodge: The deck wraps around the living area and provides peaceful and ample views.
  • Hillside Hideaway: Perched above town with more than one space to eat or lounge outside, you can’t go wrong.
  • Elk Ridge Ranch: Enjoy views for days of the San Juans from your living room or outdoor space.

Keep exploring here or let us know how we can help! We’re here to assist you in creating a responsible and memorable trip.


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