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Winter Skip the Lifts: Part 2

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When it comes to memorable and adventurous winter vacations, you absolutely can spend every moment on the slopes, or you can go totally pro and layer your trip with other off-piste Telluride adventures. Maybe you can try sleigh rides, snowmobiling, or even dog sledding? All wonderful ways to create memorable vacations.

Ski by Day, Sleigh by Night

We’re wild about Telluride Sleighs and Wagons for the authentic sleigh-to-dinner experience which only the Aldasoro family can offer at their ranch — a property their family has held for a century, thanks to their homesteading ancestors, who first made a hardy living by supplying lamb and wool to Telluride miners.

What’s old is new again: Today the Aldasoro’s serve lamb, but in this era of the enduring family legacy, expect it slow roasted with boursin whipped potatoes, honey glazed carrots, and thyme au jus. You can also bet on falling in love with the high-country seen from your sleigh. Check out their Instagram to catch a glimpse.

Take a Tour by Snowmobile

There’s more to the San Juans than what is accessible by lift or sleigh. Travel by snowmobile and indulge in another excellent and memorable way for the whole family to take in the awe and elevation. Take a tour of mining ghost towns and hot springs, while taking in dynamic views from new perspectives.

Everyone in your family can join a snowmobile tour to experience the high alpine views. Operating a sled is easy to learn — and the local guides are gifted teachers. Tours are social, educational (guides love sharing what they know about local history, geology, and wildlife), and definitely something your kids and parents will be talking about for years.

Join the Dog Pack

Fact: You’ll never look at an Alaskan Husky the same way again. Not after a team of them bring you over the snow and race you through the mountains. Wintermoon Sled Dog Adventures delivers the dog sledding adventure dream. Kids are invited and tours meet at 8:15 in the morning and return just after noon.

These are just three ways to spend your time in Telluride. There are as many paths to your perfect Telluride adventure as there are days of the week, so pick your passion or find a new one. Find more ideas for spending some time off the lifts here. 

*Photo cred: http://www.abielivesay.com

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