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Year-Round Fall Foliage

Those aspen trees in the fall…

Have you heard of leaf peepers? They’re the investigative and smart travelers that seek out the leaves turning various colors in the fall. In New England, they’re prevalent on the roads in Vermont and Maine as the trees transform into a variety of breathtaking colors. In Telluride, they come for the aspen trees.

So, there’s a good case to be made for visiting Telluride in the sliver of time between summer season’s last festival (Blues & Brews in regular times) and the first turning of the lift chairs (an opening that corresponds with Thanksgiving).

But it’s not just the relaxed vibe and good deals.

It’s the aspen trees.

Starting mid-September, Telluride takes on a golden glow that can light up the box canyon for sometimes more than a month — with peak foliage hard to pin down. Most of our homes offer mammoth views of these breathtaking scenes.

But there’s also the free gondola to experience, 4-WD tours, and long strolls on the River Trail to the Bridal Veil waterfall at the east end of town.

Our top recommendation for making the most of this annual phenomenon is the most simple: Hike through an aspen grove. You’ll understand then why an aspen tree’s other name is “quakey.” The quaking or trembling aspens flit and dance and sing a distinct fluttery tune.

One Telluride poet, Erika Moss, puts it this way:

“‘Peaking’ is not word enough for these leaves… these colors land on fire and sing in the place where love begins, with just enough green to remind us that we are alive.”

So, come join us this fall! It’s spectacular. And, worth a visit.

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