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Best Lake Hikes

When you’re in the mountains, water is like a majestic creature. It creeps down mountains, curls around rocks, and even drops from soaring heights to create a waterfall. Sometimes you’ll even catch a glimpse of it pooled up, eddied, or sitting still in a lake. Lakes can easily enhance photographs, cool off your feet, or even provide a backdrop for an epic lunch spot.

Walk to Water

Luckily, around Telluride, there are several impressive lake hikes to choose from:

Silver Lake

Drive to the top of Bridal Veil Falls, park your car, and quickly scurry up to Silver Lake. It’s a 3.4 mile round trip, out and back, trail. It has some definite incline, so young children should be left at home. But, the lake can easily be enjoyed for an entire afternoon. Walk around it, play in it, and then make the quick trip home.

Blue Lake

For something a bit more intense, a fuller afternoon trip or a longer sunset stroll, head up to Blue Lake. Again, park your car at the top of Bridal Veil Falls — 4 wheel drive is needed — and take the approximately 3 mile hike up there (just about 6 miles round trip). With most of the trail existing on loose rock, set-up as an old mining road, it’s relatively easy for families to cruise up. Bring a picnic, and enjoy the basin views.

Hope Lake

This is a more moderate, well-traveled route, that’s 5.3 miles out and back. You start about an hour away from Telluride near the Lizard Heard Wilderness, just past Trout Lake. The last part of the trail is rather steep, so it’s best for older children, but the views do not disappoint.

The list of incredible nearby hikes is far more robust than this. But, this is a start. Just a few of our favorites to enhance your next summer experience in Telluride. So, what are you waiting for? Come hike!

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