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For outdoor enthusiasts, especially skiers and snowboarders, weather matters. How much will it snow? How often will it snow? How big will the storms be? And, is Telluride going to have a high storm count this winter?

All great questions. Of course, we don’t know the answers. But, we do have a few resources to share with you.

Weather Resources

The first is the Farmer’s Almanac. To gain access to their full weather predictions, you have to subscribe to their service. But, they do provide some helpful tidbits within their site. First and foremost is that you should expect “above-normal snowfall…if you live in the Northern portions of Colorado and Utah.” Which is mildly exciting. Because that means Colorado is getting snow…but it may not reach Telluride.

We’re located in the Southwestern portion of the State. So, the storms hitting up North are unlikely to reach us. However, don’t fret, because the visual map that’s located further down their website has all of Colorado selected, and says, “Cold, Above Normal Snowfall.” So, it seems like snow is definitely coming to the Northern part of Colorado, but will it reach the Southwest?

The second place we often look for information is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, for short. This organization collects a ton of data, and makes wonderful short-term predictions. You can also read about temperatures and precipitation levels for a season. And, what are they saying about this upcoming Winter? Welp, the Southwestern part of Colorado is supposed to be slightly warmer than normal — which doesn’t bode well for snowfall, since we want cooler temperatures for that — but, maybe normal is good enough?

What doesn’t look good is the prediction for lower than average precipitation this winter. NOAA calls for the entire state of Colorado to continue or worsen our drought. So, this doesn’t look good.


With the Farmer’s Almanac saying we’re close to greater than average snowfall, but NOAA saying that we’ll continue our drought. Don’t you wonder where we’ll end up? Will it be an epic year of snowfall in Telluride?

‘Cause just imagine it keeps dumping here, and you haven’t planned to come to town yet. The only way to be sure you don’t miss out, is to come for a visit, regardless of the weather! We hope to see you here.

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