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Dining & Nightlife Winter Dining Plan

Towns and municipalities have to be clever and resourceful about their upcoming, winter dining plans. Have you ever heard the famous quote from the Greek philosopher, Plato, “necessity is the mother of invention?”

Well, it’s true. When faced with the challenge of creating a safe and healthy environment for socially-distanced, dining options for guests of the Telluride Ski Resort during a pandemic winter, Mountain Village has opted to create something really special. They’ve decided to place gondola boxes around the Village core. So, you can sit “inside” in your own space, and enjoy a meal. How clever is that?

How it Works

You can either order take-out from one of the many establishments offering it, our you can opt for table service from a restaurant. Just review the menu online, call or digitally submit your order, and enjoy! Plus, with the common consumption area still in effect, you can move about freely with alcoholic beverages. Just another way the town of Mountain Village has been really deft at creating a safe and fun space during the pandemic.

Come Join Us

If you’ve been to Telluride before, then you know it’s a bit unusual to have dining structures strewn throughout the plazas in Mountain Village. But, then again, visiting could be a totally new experience for you. Plus, the tasty restaurants around town are still open. So, come for après or have lunch. Because tent or gondola outdoor dining could be really fun for you, your family and your friends. Why not come to Telluride to check it out?

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