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Winter 6 Reasons to Love Spring Skiing

It seems like only yesterday that we were waiting in anticipation of winter. Like children on Christmas morning, we eagerly counted each leaf as it changed from a verdant green to a Colorado gold. We watched the temperatures fall, praying in vain that maybe tomorrow the clouds would darken and this time it would be snow instead of rain that fell from the sky — but here we are on the doorstep of Spring.

Already, the weather is gradually warming and the sun bathes the valley in a warm light longer and longer each day. Sometimes it feels like everything passes by so quickly that we hardly have a chance to appreciate the changing of the seasons, and all of the sudden, an entire ski season has passed by, an entire year, a lifetime.

You weren’t put on this earth to go to work, pay your bills, and die. Life is about catching that first chair, carving fresh tracks, and burying life’s problems in two feet of fresh powder.

Even if you haven’t taken the time to experience the freedom of the slopes this year, there is still more than enough time. Cash in that PTO and buy your ticket or load up your car – whatever you’re looking for, that joy of simply living – it is real, it exists, it is here. All you have to do is seek it out, and in case you feel a little unmotivated, we wanted to remind you why Spring skiing in Telluride just can’t be beat.

1. Warmer Temperatures

For seasoned Coloradans, a dip into the teens or single digits is unpleasant but bearable. However, for those who are accustomed to a more mild environment, skiing in the dead of Winter can be miserable. Sometimes the thought of suiting up in a manner resembling Ralphie in A Christmas Story just to go slide down an icy mountain all day in sub-zero temperatures seems more like a Sisyphean torture than a reward – fireside with an adult beverage is a perfect alternative, thank you very much.

Yet, once Winter begins its slow retreat and Spring emerges victorious, the temperature rises from unbearable to downright pleasant. You may even find yourself breaking a sweat on particularly beautiful days. Heck, you might even find yourself thinking, “Hey! It’s so warm I might just forego my ski gear and rock those blue jeans instead.”

2. Beat the Crowds

Many visitors take advantage of built in vacation time around the holidays to head for the mountains, but an increase in traffic is inversely proportional to the amount of fun you are going to have. Less people means shorter lift lines, available restaurant reservations at the best spots in town, and bars that you don’t have to fight your way through to find a drink or a seat.

3. Menus Expand

As seasons change, so do your dining options. Now that the weather’s warming up, wild game dishes are spicing up ski-town’s menus. Different fresh produce and ingredients gradually start to reappear as well. Find some of the best seasonal food in Telluride at La Marmotte, where rustic elegance rules and local and seasonal dishes thrive.

4. Lots of Retail Therapy

Two words: spring sales. We love a deep discount about as much as we love deep power. As the end of the ski season nears, stores have to make room for next years gear with deep discounts on current stock. Spring is the time to upgrade your goggles, try out a new model of skis or finally replace the pair of pants you outgrew five years ago.

5. It’s Party Time

From free live music to the beginning of the festival season, Spring means social life is ramping up in the box canyon. If you haven’t attended a closing day party before, this is something not to miss. Everyone dresses up in silly costumes and parties at Gorrono Lodge to celebrate the close of the season. Looking for something off the mountain? The Spring concert series is a great place to shake your booty.

6. The Scenery Stuns

With longer days and warmer temperatures, the area around the ski mountain slowly comes back to life. The red rocks that have been hiding underneath all of the snow finally start to emerge resulting in a stunning contrast. Animal life grows more active, and you might just be able to see a bobcat, coyote, or a snowshoe bunny.

Basically, Spring skiing is pretty great, but don’t take our word for it – come check it out for yourself!

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