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Telluride, like all culinary destinations, is home to a flourishing community of top chefs, sommeliers, mixologists and hospitality professionals. And everyone of them is competing — every night of the week — to find (or hold onto) their spot in the hearts and minds of diners with their incredible meals.

More than a point of pride, the top honor — just ask anyone in the business — is to be held up by locals as a favorite haunt. So it’s absolutely our duty, (as well as our pleasure), to share with you our top picks for best culinary experiences in Telluride.

Five Dishes We Can’t Get Enough Of

The lobster corn dogs at the Cosmopolitan aren’t an appetizer so much as they are an obsession. Months from now, someone will ask you what you’re thinking about and the answer will almost certainly be “Lobster Corn Dogs.” Although, you may remember their signature drink too. Either way, one of those meals you won’t forget.

How can a turn-of-the-last-century ice house (as in a building that was used to store ice throughout the year) be so warm and romantic as La Marmotte? Magic probably. And definitely also the oysters on the half shell they serve and the coq au vin — one of the meals they’re famous for. They’re temporarily closed, but be sure to check and see if they’re open when you arrive. It’s worth it.

What you’re about to read next confirms the staff at Latitude 38 can not write about dining in Telluride without mentioning The National — we hype them here and here too. And not one of us here goes there without ordering tempura rock shrimp with fried shishitos for the table. It’s just delicious and one of the best meals in town. We know you’ll agree.

There’s More Deliciousness

Next, take a ride with us to the top of the gondola, at San Sophia Station. It’s here we like to hop out of our gondola car to find a table at Allred’s. At this altitude, and with these views, the menu has a mandate to rise to expectations. And, it does. We’ll start with the stuffed peppadew peppers before moving onto the dry aged bison ribeye.

Local restaurateur Paolo Canclini brings the authentic Italian cuisine of his home country to both Telluride and Mountain Village with Rustico and La Piazza, respectively. Both restaurants are cherished for their homemade pastas, gnocchi and pizzas made in a wood-burning oven. But the ultimate local’s move at either of these handsome hangouts (and they are both beautiful establishments with amazing outdoor patios) is to finish the meal with a glass of Canclini’s house-made limoncello. It’s like a local, best-kept secret. So, be sure to try it. You won’t regret it.

Aside from now being ravenous, these five delicious and uniquely Telluride experiences remind us how much we love sharing this community. And, everything our friends and neighbors can offer to our guests. It’s pretty incredible that this small town has such impressive foodie experiences to offer.

Our mission is to help you plan The Best Trip and while we can write about Telluride all day, we’re also available to talk directly with you! We love that part! — so let’s start plotting your culinary moves, shall we?

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