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Winter Timing is Everything

Sometimes you choose to select a resort location, and just go for it. Other times, you’re chasing snow and hours can be allocated to searching sites. Weather predictions, ski resort snowfall reports, and social posts are all fair game. And, cobbled together, you have a chance of hitting the weather, but it’s not always easy. Timing really is everything.

Select Your Location and Go For It

One way to craft a memorable ski vacation is to just pick at spot. Gather intel, get tickets, and plan things out. Throw caution to the wind and select your travel dates, and then — as they say — “pray for snow” or “do the snow dance.” Arrive at your location, and make the most of it, regardless of the weather. So, you plan the ski trip more for the trip, than the ski.

Watch the Weather

Or, there’s a completely different approach. Which is to let Mother Nature, and those fluffy flakes, dictate where you’re headed next. It’s not always easy to do, and it takes a ton of last-minute planning. But, powder days can be worth it. You end up in line with the locals, getting fresh tracks, and potentially having the best day of your season.

Although, who’s to say you won’t hit the weather when you simply select a location? It’s possible. It’s all about timing.

Here at Latitude 38, we believe in both methods of vacation planning. And, we’d encourage you to try both. Because regardless of how you put your trip together, we’re here to make it better. We hope to see you in Telluride soon!

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