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Year-Round The Gondola

Telluride has many attractions. Visitors flock to the incredible Telluride Golf & Ski Resort to ride the expert terrain in the winter, but they also often return in the summer for the visit-worthy music venue in Telluride Town Park. Whether you’re a Bluegrass or Jazz fan, there’s likely a festival to suit your tastes. One thing that’s worth checking out all year long is the gondola. It’s a free transportation system like no other. Unique and special and definitely worth a ride.


With the original intention of keeping cars off the road, the gondola was constructed back in 1996. And, since then, it’s been a primary mode of transportation for most skiers, riders, mountain bikers and visitors. Although Mountain Village is easily accessible, via an approximately 20 minute drive, this European-style transportation provides breathtaking views, and a little bit of family fun. Plus, continuing with the original intention of the gondola, the Mountain Village Owners Association purchases carbon credits from San Miguel Power, so they support the development of renewable energy resources. How cool is that?


There are a few stations from which to board the gondola cabins — often referred to as “the G” by locals — however one of the most popular is located right in the heart of town. The Telluride Station can be found on W San Juan Avenue, right near the Camel’s Garden Hotel and Condominiums. After a (typically) short wait, you’ll hop into a cabin. They have racks on the exterior of the cabins so your skis, bikes, and gear can come with you. And, they even have pet-friendly cabins. You’ll be able to spot those because they have paw prints on the cabin’s exterior.

The Ride

Once you’re in the cabin, often referred to as a “box” by the locals, you’ll be taken on an approximately 13 minute ride. You are dramatically drawn over the crest of the hill at over 10,000 feet at San Sophia Station — this is where you’d get off to bike, ski, or even eat at Allred’s restaurant — or you’ll continue onto Mountain Village station. Typically most guests depart at Mountain Village station to access the resort. Or, to enjoy the restaurants and shops located in the Mountain Village core. This part of town has a very European feel and format. It has a common consumption area so you can bring beverages to go, and fire pits and outdoor dining tables dispersed throughout the plazas for your enjoyment.

Approximately three million people ride the gondola every year. It’s free. It’s special. And, it provides unbeatable views. Regardless of the season, you should come and check it out!

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