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Holidays Alpine Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is all about quality time, golden turkey, silver-linings, looking back, pumpkin pie, and strengthening family bonds for whatever lies ahead. And ideally, getting away to make some memories, too. After being homebound, it’ll likely feel like a special treat to spend some time with loved ones.

Also, skiing!

To be honest, there is something in the joy of clicking into ski bindings for the first time of the season that rings a little more like Christmas than Thanksgiving — only without the mid-December crowds. Locals and guests alike flock to the slopes. Yet, shorter lift lines are somehow still a thing. We don’t question it though; we just enjoy it.

Come Thanksgiving, we’re hoping one of your benedictions will be the foresight you had to plan a holiday in Telluride. Revel in how amazing it feels to be here for Opening Day of the ski season. After all, the buzz of Opening Day is something not to be missed. There’s a lot to appreciate about Thanksgiving and Opening Day at the Telluride Ski Resort.

So between the holiday and all its trimmings, the occasion to celebrate togetherness, and the kick-off of the ski season, we hope to see you this Thanksgiving toasting your family after a full day, with a full heart.

What about the food?

Here’s the best news. We can even help with grocery delivery, so your table is one step closer to being set before you arrive. With the pent-up demand for the kind of ski holiday described above, we recommend you start planning now to collect your loved ones together for this adventure.

Check out our inventory of homes to start planning your Thanksgiving in Telluride. Take advantage of early season deals and maybe even splurge for a ski-in/ski-out home with a chef’s kitchen!


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