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Property Management we take care of you & your home

Peace of mind, with lots of perks. We offer around-the-clock care for your property and your guests.

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Owner Benefits

We offer concierge services, discounted Telluride Ski Resort season passes and access to our private Clubhouse.

With decades of experience, we also handle the business side of your property by offering streamlined management of lodging and sales taxes, monthly financial reports, business license compliance, sales tax collection and escrow accounting


The detailed and thoughtful dedication of our Property Managers offers peace of mind and around-the-clock attention for your property and guests.

Before every check-in, our Property Managers use a 100 point checklist to guarantee your home is in perfect condition. Additionally, your home is reviewed to ensure, year-over-year, your investment is maintained and that needed updates and improvements are scheduled, upon approval from you, as needed.

General Costs

Minor maintenance (i.e. changing light bulbs), package deliveries, and concierge services are included within your monthly management fee. This fee also covers seasonal inspections and monthly audits. All housekeeping is charged at the invoiced cost.

All other project management services, like landscaping, hot tub, snow removal, are invoiced at cost, with no additional markup.

A personalized approach

How we care for your guests

We mind the details — from the planning phase, to booking the adventures, and meeting your guest for a check-in tour of your home — and appreciate that every moment of a vacation is invaluable.

Your guest’s personal experience at your home is an investment in your future. We strive to exceed expectations, an aim reflected in our guest retention rate and hundreds of testimonials.

We also offer your guest local concierge services from our knowledgeable team. We can connect them with everything they need — from dinner reservations or a stocked kitchen to valet ski rentals. Those same services are also available to you when you’re in-residence.

Clubhouse Concierge

The Clubhouse

Our Latitude 38 Clubhouse is a private hangout exclusively for Latitude 38 homeowners and their guests. The Clubhouse is located in the heart of Mountain Village, a truly convenient location for ski lockers (limited availability & by request), on-site concierge services, a cozy lounge, free Wi-Fi, coffee, snacks and and summer gear including trekking poles, games, festival chairs and more ...

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