Plan Your Trip - Tips from the Locals


Telluride is a Wonderful, Dog-Friendly Destination for You and Your Best Friend

Here at Latitude 38, we love our canine companions and understand how difficult it can be to leave them behind when we go on vacation. Fortunately for us, and for you and Fido, Telluride is arguably one of the most dog-friendly destinations you will find. If you plan on bringing your four legged friend along with you on vacation, there are tons of activities for you to enjoy together.  


Telluride's Public Transportation: Ride the Gondola and Galloping Goose

In addition to its stunning natural beauty, unbelievable skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking and the plethora of music and film festivals, Telluride has one of the most unique public transportation systems in the world. The Telluride/Mountain Village Gondola is a one-of-a-kind transportation system, connecting Telluride with Mountain Village.  


Telluride vs. Mountain Village: A Tale of Two Rentals

Are you making your first visit to Telluride? Trying to figure out which of the many Telluride rentals we offer is the perfect getaway for you and your family? Did you know that Telluride is essentially two towns? Our little hamlet is actually divided into two distinct areas, linked together by a fun, FREE gondola ride with the MOST AMAZING scenery in Colorado. There is the actual town of Telluride and there is also the town of Mountain Village. Latitude 38 manages gorgeous properties in both of these areas. 


Telluride Trip Planning Checklist

Planning a vacation can be complicated. If you’ve never stayed in a vacation rental home before, it helps to know some key points about your vacation that will allow our experts to find the perfect location for your vacation. Latitude 38 wants to make your vacation planning process as easy as possible. Click here to find a checklist of questions that will help our vacation rental experts determine exactly which of our luxurious Telluride vacation properties is just right for you.


Where to Park in Telluride

Parking in Telluride and Mountain Village can be tricky, especially during popular weekends. Many of our properties have dedicated parking spaces for one car or come with a parking pass for street parking. If you’re planning on bringing more than one car and need additional parking, check out our guide to parking in the town of Telluride and Mountain Village.


The Rich History of Telluride

Visitors to Telluride can enjoy music festivals, including the famous Bluegrass Festival, unique gondola transportation system, world-class skiing, hiking and biking, and renowned film festival. Telluride’s earliest beginnings weren’t quite so feted or world famous.