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Owner Services frequently asked questions

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Point Of Contact

Who do I send emails to?

The Owner Services department is your primary point of contact, for everything. Any time you email Latitude 38, please include the Owner Services department on your email (

With decades of experience, we also handle the business side of your property by offering streamlined management of lodging and sales taxes, monthly financial reports, business license compliance, sales tax collection and escrow accounting

Who should I call when I need something?

Please call 970-404-8488. This telephone number is specifically for Owners, and Owner Services can help you with all requests (pre-arrival information, home needs and potential projects, financial Q&A).

Point of Contact


How frequently do statements get posted?

Statements are produced monthly showing all activity, both income and expenses, for the previous month. These statements are posted to your Owner Portal, and you will

receive an email notifying you when a new statement is available.

What is the payment schedule?

Payments are issued shortly after the monthly statements are posted. This occurs around the 15th -20th of the month following the statement period. For example, January’s owner statement and disbursement will be processed around February 15th.

How can I be paid?

We offer two payment methods: Check or ACH. The ACH is processed once statements are finalized and will deposit into your account approximately 1 to 2 business days later. Checks are mailed after the monthly statements are posted and will be sent to the address we have on file. To get set-up with ACH, please email Owner Services ( with your account information and routing number.

When do I get paid for reservations?

All reservations are processed based on their departure date — the date that the reservation is complete. If you have a reservation that arrives in one month, and departs in another, the income for the entire stay will hit your owner account in the departure month.

Do I need to purchase a business license?

No. Latitude 38 handles the purchase of your business license.

How should I handle my sales tax payments?

Latitude 38 handles this for you. We collect sales tax from the guests and remit the state and local payments for you.


How far out should I manage my property’s calendar?

Owners are asked to update their calendar availability on a rolling 9 month basis (270 days). When a reservation is made or edited via the Owner Portal, the calendar availability syncs across all booking platforms (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.).

How is the cleaning fee handled when creating an Owner Guest reservation?

The owner guest cleaning fee is automatically applied to the guest. Your guest will receive a Guest Portal link prior to arrival which provides access to payment options. If the guest does not remit payment, the charge will be passed on to you.

Are Owner Guests treated the same as paying guests?

Yes, in addition to Guest Portal access, owner guests will receive pre-arrival emails and text communications from our Concierge team.

What will I be charged for housekeeping during my stay?

Owner cleans will cost $35 per hour, per housekeeper (as of 2/1/21). The number of housekeepers will be dependent on the size of the unit and may vary.


Property Management

How often is my property inspected?

The property is inspected by a property manager before every guest arrival, and after each departure. They look for discrepancies in the home and they remedy them the same day. They also “warm up” the property on the day of arrival by turning on lights, and giving the unit one final walk through to prepare for the guest. Once the guest has departed, the property manager is also “closing up” the property and inspecting for damage. That departure inspection is also completed by the housekeeping team, when they clean the unit after a guest departure. Additionally, during the off seasons, detailed inspections of the homes are completed and you’ll receive reports from those inspections.

What happens when an appliance needs attention?

An appliance specialist is called. If they can repair it, they will. If they cannot, and a new unit needs to be ordered, we will contact the homeowner with suggested solutions.

How does maintenance work?

We have two maintenance team members on our staff that can pretty much fix anything. If it requires a plumber or electrician, the Director of Property Management or the maintenance team member will call the appropriate tradesman. If a subcontractor or tradesman is required, the cost of the invoice is billed to you. Typically, we try to complete most maintenance in house.

How is my hot tub serviced?

We maintain all hot tubs by servicing them on a weekly basis. Any work outside the normal scope of service is outsourced to a local subcontractor.

What happens if there’s an emergency?

We have a person on-call 7 days a week 24 hours a day to help with emergencies. Depending on the emergency, others may be called to assist in addressing the issue(s).

Home Maintenance

Rates & Rental Opportunity

Who can I speak with regarding rates?

Latitude 38 has a designated Revenue Manager and she is available to assist owners with any questions or concerns regarding rate management.

Are there advantages to allowing pets?

This does provide the opportunity to maximize profits with a wider market appeal. A pet fee is collected to ensure additional cleaning after a pet visit.

What are the top searched property amenities?

○ Ski-in Ski-out
○ Easy Ski Access
○ Hot Tubs
○ Fireplaces

We recognize that your property may not have ski access, but if you have the opportunity to install a fireplace or hot tub, those sought-after amenities could maximize your rental potential.

When should I replace items?

Annually, the team will go through and fix minor repairs due to wear-and-tear or provide property enhancement suggestions, as needed.

Rates Management
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