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Winter Lift Tickets

You’ve got lots of questions about lift tickets…

And we’ve got some answers. Amongst all the chaos of the global pandemic, there was a ton of speculation about how ski resorts were going to operate. Can you ski? Where can you ski? Do you need reservations? Do you need passes? What about lift tickets? Should you order them in advance? Will they get mailed to you? Just a plethora of questions, and not very many answers. Until now…

Telluride Ski Resort Passes

Telluride Ski Resort is taking a phased approach to selling winter passes this year, so if you’re a qualifying pass holder from last year, you’re able to purchase a season pass now (at the lowest rate of the season.*) The season pass is valid from November 26, 2020 until April 4, 2021 and has no blackout dates. So, if you’re planning to make a few visits to Telluride this winter and want to access the ski hill, this is the pass for you!

*All this information is — of course — fluid, so we encourage you to check out the Telluride Ski Resort website for the most up-to-date winter pass information.

Telluride Ski Resort Lift Tickets

Lift tickets are a great option for guests planning to come to Telluride for confirmed vacation dates, who want to ski for some, most or all of their vacation. You can buy a lift ticket for 1 day or up to 10 days. There are rules to be aware of: They are not transferrable or refundable. You also must purchase lift tickets in advance.

Consecutive Days

Some lift tickets must be used over consecutive days. So, if you purchase a 3 day lift ticket, you’re required to ski those 3 days, in succession. If you can’t manage to make it to the hill for one of those days, you lose it. You’ll have to purchase and ski consecutive days this year, if you purchased your lift tickets prior to January 12th. All tickets purchased after January 12th have more flexibility, and consecutive days are not required.

We discovered that winter passes and lift tickets will be sent to you, when you order them at least three weeks prior to your arrival. How convenient is that? You’ll show-up in Telluride with your passes in hand. No lift ticket lines, and no worries. You’re all set to ski before you arrive in Telluride!

Must Purchase in Advance – Ski School Too

If you don’t order at least three weeks in advance, that’s okay too. You’ll just be required to pick up your lift tickets at a ticket window. No pass offices will be open this winter, and there will be no same-day lift ticket sales. All lift tickets must be purchased in advance. This goes for ski school reservations too. You’ll also have to book those in advance. There won’t be any walk-up, same-day window sales for ski school or lift tickets this year. So, plan ahead. In fact, we recommend you purchase your lift tickets as soon as possible – BUY LIFT TICKETS NOW!

If you still have questions, be sure to visit the Telluride Ski Resort FAQs page, or contact them directly at passes@tellurideskiresort.com, or 970-239-7045. Everything is subject to change, so for the most up-to-date information, be sure to monitor the Telluride Ski Resort website — and check back frequently.

You may still be on the fence about coming to Telluride at all this winter. But, there’s just so much to do, even off the slopes, so we’d encourage you to start planning a winter visit. With the incredible mountain, the fantastic restaurants, and all our comfortable accommodations, we don’t want you missing out!

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