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Winter Best Fireplaces

For tens of thousands of years, it was by the grace of fire that our human species survived. And yet still we wonder, with all of today’s technology, distractions, and amenities, how is it that a fireplace can consume our attention?

Mom, dad, kids, grandma — seriously, even the family dog — all succumb to the universally disarming, calming, and soothing experience of gathering around the fire. All this to say, when you search for properties at Latitude 38, we think you might like using our filter option to search for homes with a fireplace.

And there are so many!

We have indoor fireplaces, kitchen fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces, gas fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces and double-sided fireplaces. You can find fireplaces in every room of the house. Even in some bathrooms.

Here are some of our favorite Mountain Village Homes with fireplaces:

We offer some of Telluride and Mountain Village’s best vacation homes, checking them out online is a great start, but we’d also love to help you find out which homes and what experiences are best for you. So, take a look at our website and get ready to stay warm this winter.

Or, contact us to get the conversation started!

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