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Reopening Giving Back

In a small community — like Telluride — it’s so important to take care of one another. Giving back is essential. So, that’s just what Latitude 38 did. Actually, it wasn’t our entire company, but it was our CEO, Kevin Jones. He gathered donations from the lodging community, and gifted them to the Telluride Medical Center to support the frontline workers during this continued pandemic.


In an email with the simple subject line of “Donation,” Kevin contacted the Executive Director of the Telluride Medical Center Foundation, Kate Wadley. In that email, he arranged a donation to give back to the frontline workers.

He said, “While we are dedicated to working with the local governments to ensure guest and local resident safety, we are not frontline healthcare workers. Without the frontline healthcare workers that we have in Telluride, we would not be where we are today. These donations are a sign of our extreme gratitude for their service.” Read the full article here.

Giving Back

Even if you’re not in a position to provide a monetary gift to an organization, there are tons of ways to give back. With sweat equity or volunteering your time. Or, even providing your home (or a safe space, during non-COVID times) so an organization can gather. Or, by hiring locally. Those are just a few suggestions. But, remember, there are always ways to give back.

We hope you find a source in need, and contribute. Because — after all — what goes around comes around. So, be sure to take care of your community too.


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