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There’s no one way to ensure your vacation will be amazing… except, maybe there is. Hot tubs are vacation gold!

Long before humans ever thought to strap planks to their feet as a way to navigate a snowy mountain, we’ve been soaking in hot water. Because soaking in hot water is deeply relaxing! And downright restorative after a day of skiing. For many, a hot tub is also a novel treat and a distinct departure from our daily routines and pressures.

It’s in the hot tub you’ll replay the day’s best moments on the slopes. You’ll soak in the gorgeous starry skies Colorado is famous for. Of course, there’s no singular amenity that will make or break a vacation, but we think a hot tub is a total value add.

Or, maybe the hot tub is nothing more than your family’s favorite place to come together to relax.

We have almost 100 homes with hot tubs. Here are a few to get you dreaming about that next soak.

Browsing online is fun, but if you’d like to talk to someone on our team, we’d love to help you find the absolute best home for your vacation.

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