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Kid-Friendly Sledding

Many of the adventures you’ll experience while in Telluride for the winter will happen on the ski hill. It’s true. The Telluride Ski Resort has it all — incredible terrain, quick lift access, short lines, and tons of peaks and valleys to explore — but visitors should remember there are other things to do. Kid-friendly activities are everywhere, like sleigh rides, cross-country skiing, ice skating, and —one of our favorites — sledding!

Although it’s temping to grab a sled and hit up the freshly groomed tracks of the ski resort, sledding isn’t permitted at any location on resort property. But, don’t fret. There’s a designated sledding area in Telluride Town Park called Firecracker Hill. If you didn’t happen to pack your sled, that’s okay too. The Telluride Nordic Center rents sleds to the public. So, head to Town Park, rent a sled, and have some fun!

If you have beginner skiers or riders in your group, sometimes it’s fun to take a break from ski lessons. To really play in the snow. To zip down a hill, feel the wind against your face, and come home with rosy cheeks. That’s what hot cocoa was made for, right? So, don’t be shy about stepping away from the ski resort to explore other outdoor activities. You may just end up creating memories that last a lifetime.

Of course, if you have questions about equipment rentals, or things to do, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our concierge. We’re always here to help.


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